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Our Crew have succesfully remediated over 250 homes
You receive great prices, service, quality and a safe remediation.
Did you know most ceilings are domestic drywall.
We can map(find) the domestic drywall in most homes.
Do not pay to rip out good drywall

We will document the remediation and issue detailed reports.

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Why have your home inspected?  You should know that some homes with Chinese Drywall do not smell. Home owners and untrained inspectors may miss some of the symptoms or think Chinese Drywall may exist when it does not.  If your builder has declared bankruptcy you may be able to make a claim to the court before the process ends.
You should have your home inspected now before your builder has difficulties and the drywall suppliers and manufacturers go out of business.  They certainly will and home owners that find out they have Chinese Drywall afterwards may not be able to make a claim.  If your home is free of Chinese Drywall Symptoms you will receive a professional report.

Have your home inspected to save on property taxes

Our 12 point inspection is a real value and we won't try to scare you or sell you unneeded additional services. 

Here are some questions we can help to answer

If your home has Chinese drywall do all the electrical fixtures need to be replaced?
Does all of the dry wall have to be replaced?  Maybe not.
Are there reports of domestic drywall causing similar problems as Chinese Drywall?  Maybe so.
Does all the wiring need to be replaced?
Can we save the cabinets and counter tops?
Can other components in the home cause corrosion similar to Chinese Drywall?  Maybe so.
If I have Chinese Drywall will my insurance cover the repair?
I am concerned about Chinese Drywall, how can I find out if I have a problem?
How much will repairing the Chinese Drywall cost?
Should I replace my air-conditioning system?
Does the floor tile and carpeting have to be replaced if I Have Chinese Drywall?
Will the Building Department inspect the home after the Chinese Drywall is removed?
Who is responsible for this Chinese Drywall problem?
How long will it take to replace the Chinese Drywall in my Home?
Do my appliances have to be replaced?
Can my TV and sound system be affected?

And many more

Call today to schedule an answer to your questions.

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Let a Licensed General Contractor CGC00078126 with 35 years of experience help you with Chinese Drywall.

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  • Beware of Door to Door solicitations for Chinese Drywall Inspections.
  • Beware of Inspectors that call themselves "Licensed" or "Certified" Chinese Drywall Inspectors, this does not exist.
  • Beware of Inspectors that offer Certifications or Guarantees
  • Beware of Inspectors that offer services to mitigate or repair the problem, this removes the objectivity in the inspection process and gives the inspector a financial incentive to possibly find a problem that does not actually exist
  • Beware of Inspectors that only inspect one component of the home, for example:  Inspectors that only enter the attic space to identify the manufacturer of the ceiling drywall (this drywall should be a fire rated board for ceiling application and should not match the drywall used for wall applications).  Inspectors should also be inspecting for the "symptoms" of Chinese Drywall to produce credible results.
  • Beware of Inspectors that will not provide written results with photographs.
  • Beware of Inspectors that charge large fees for this type of inspection.
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