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The Home Experts, Licensed General Contractor in Florida for years CGC007826
Member ASTM C-11 Committee for Chinese Drywall Standards
EPA Certified Lead Remodeler.


Investor Services

We have been approached by investors who are purchasing/purchased Chinese Drywall homes.  We have helped them remediate and resell the home.  We have found that each home is as different as the Investor's needs.  Our services are flexible.  We understand your needs. Here are some of the services we can offer. 
Don't pay to tear out good drywall. 
We can map the CD in a home

Pre-purchase Inspection, In most cases the Investor needs a report to help them negotiate a better price for the home.

Chinese Drywall Testing, We can take samples for the Investor and provide intial testing to confirm or to locate Chinese drywall at a reasonable fee.

Chinese Drywall Remediation,  We can provide Remediation for Investors.

Remediation Consultation, In many cases the Investor wants to be their own contractor, but needs some advice on the least expensive way to remediate a home.

Chinese Drywall Mapping,  When the Investor suspects that the home has a limited amount of Chinese Drywall we can provide several services to helping to locate the Chinese Drywall.  We use Phase 2 Inspections, nondestructive probes, testing and microscopic analysis to locate boards of Chinese Drywall.  We provide a colorful map showing the locations of our investigation.  We have found two "Chinese Drywall" homes with NO Chinese Drywall.  We are working on a home now that only had Chinese Drywall on the first floor.

Remediation Inspections, We document for an Investor that all the Chinese Drywall and dust has been removed.  We issue a report so saying.

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