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The Home Experts, Licensed General Contractor in Florida for years CGC007826
Member ASTM C-11 Committee for Chinese Drywall Standards
EPA Certified Lead Remodeler.


About Us

he Home Experts Inc. is a full service General Contractor.  We can provide numerous The Home Experts Inc. is a full service General Contractor.  We can provide numerous services  from services  from the construction of Custom Homes to Chinese Drywall investigations  consultations and remediations.  We also provide mold and water intrusion investigations and remediations.  Call us when the other Professionals can’t resolve your problems.  Tom Herman, the President of The Home Experts has had an Unlimited General Contractor’s License for 40 Years. License number CGC 7826.

We have built thousands of homes and buildings.




                       Mold Remediation Services

Mr. Herman performed his first mold remediation in 1984.  Since then Mr. Herman has performed thousands of inspections and remediations.  Mr. Herman believes it is important to take a conservative approach to remediations while at the same time calming the client.  Too many mold professionals try to scare the client in an effort to sell un-needed services. Mold remediation is simple.  First find and cure the water intrusion that caused the growth.  This is the most important  part of the process.  The Home Experts   has all the equipment including An EXTECH i5 Compact IR Camera for Thermal Imaging.  This Infrared Camera can look behind the walls.

                     Chinese Drywall Inspections, Testing and Remediations.

Please go to our website for all our  information.  We were involved with Chinese Drywall since early 2008, well before the public was aware of the issue.  We have made hundreds of Chinese Drywall Inspections.  We provide consulting for the Florida office of an international drywall supplier and a national bank. Most importantly we have provided Chinese Drywall Remediation services for a national builder.  We understand the protocols for remediation that have proved to be successful. Professionals and home owners call us from all over the nation to ask for our advise.  We have spoken to professionals from as far away as California, Colorado and Maine.  We have worked hard to stay on top of the latest information.  In fact Mr. Herman attended both the Chinese Drywall Conference in Orlando and The Chinese Drywall Symposium in Tampa. 



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