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The Home Experts, Licensed General Contractor in Florida for years CGC007826
Member ASTM C-11 Committee for Chinese Drywall Standards
EPA Certified Lead Remodeler.


Chain of Custody Form

The Home Experts, Inc

   Name Of Client Phone # Street Address City State/Zip Code


 Name of Sampler

 Sample ID

 Cost/Type of Test


 Results of Test























Shipped By


 Received By









Please Print out.  Do not fill out on line.

Each 2 inch by 2 inch sample should be raped in tin foil and placed in a sperate plastic bag.The bag should be labeled with the location from which the sample is taken. The plastic bag should be put in a labeled larger plastic bag.

Note the type of test requested by inserting the cost of the test in the noted row.  $50.00 for each chamber test and
$150.00 for each Sulfur  test.  Please include a check for the total of all the test.  The Sulfur test is sent to a Lab as we are not a laboratory.

The Chamber test will heat the sample to increase the off gassing.  We will observe the amount of corrosion, if any
on a copper coupon and compare it with a copper coupon from a sample of domestic drywall tested the same way. 
This takes a few days.

The Sulfur test is a chemical test that identifies any elemental Sulfur (S8) in the sample.  S8 is believed to be the
 impurity in Corrosive Drywall that starts starts the chemical process that leads to the corrosion.

The Home Experts, Inc.  is not responsible or liable for any issue, liability or cost that results from analyzing these samples. 

                  Signed by the Client                             Date

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